Association Committees

Most of the Association’s work is achieved by forming committees, so please volunteer to participate in any of the following committees.  We need your help and would like for you to become involved with the activities going on within the Association.  All nominees must be Association members in good standing.  If you are a deputy clerk, you will need a letter from your chief clerk to confirm your availability to attend all the necessary meetings associated with the committee.  Any member in good standing may recommend a person to serve on a committee.  If you are interested in serving on a committee, please submit this form to the current Association President.  All nominations for a committee will be taken into consideration by the Association President, prior to appointment.  The President will appoint committee members unless the committee is governed by the Bylaws of the Association.  The President may create a committee as he or she deems necessary.  The President will also make appointments as vacancies occur.

Thank you for your interests.  If you have any questions or would like some additional information, please contact a member of the Board of Officers.



The Executive Committee shall be composed of the foregoing officers, two (2) prior past presidents of the Association, one (1) district representative from each of the four (4) current Congressional Districts, and two (2) members elected from this state at large.

ELECTIONS AND VACANCIES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEThe Officers and Executive Committee members shall be elected at the electoral convention and their terms shall be for one year beginning at the adjournment of the annual convention.

DUTIES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Between conventions the Executive Committee shall constitute the governing body of the Association and shall have general management of its business funds and policies.  It shall adopt policies from time to time as they appear to be required and it shall fix the compensation to be allowed any officer or employee.  It may transact business by mail, facsimile or telephone, by voting upon matters submitted to it, or with the approval of the President.  A majority vote of all the members of such committee shall be necessary to resolve the matter submitted.

The Executive Committee may employ an executive director, professional staff and such other employees as are necessary to carry on the business of the Association under the direction of the President and Executive Committee.



This committee was established to provide long-term planning and enhance professionalism through development of training and educational programs.  The objectives of this committee is to add to the knowledge of the clerks, to improve court administration, to create cooperation between the courts and other agencies and to encourage efficiency and higher standards.  Duties of the Committee members include assessment of education needs, creating a three(3) year education plan, program agendas and program design.  The Certification Committee shall work closely with the Educational Coordinator of the Administrative Office of the Court while planning the educational programs.  This Committee shall consist of the President, two (2) District or City  Court Judges, a Committee Chairperson, AOC Educational Coordinator, and five (5) other members appointed by the President.  The members shall serve a three year term.  No member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms.

Committee Member Duties:

  • Assess the professional development and educational needs of the membership;
  • Evaluate the member comments from previous programs as a needs assessment;
  • Collaborate ideas with members of the committee to create an agenda for all educational programs;
  • Assist in planning the agenda for all educational programs and annual conference, which is responsive to the suggestions of the members;
  • Identify faculty and determine the session objectives and delivery methods for each program;
  • Perform tasks pertaining to the planning of the educational programs as assigned by the Committee Chair or the President;
  • Attend Certification Committee meetings as necessary.  An annual two (2) day Certification Committee retreat is usually scheduled in July, August or September.

Committee Chair Duties:

  • All duties required of a committee member;
  • Serve as a liaison between the Certification Committee and the Board of Officers;
  • Serve as an information resource for the committee members;
  • Make assignments for committee members as necessary;
  • Suggest appropriate registration fees as necessary;
  • Lead in discussions regarding topic/session goals, objectives and teaching methods during the Certification Committee Retreat/Meetings;
  • Keep a log or journal of the three year educational plan to be used by the Certification Committee for future planning of programs.



This committee was created to review and propose amendments to the Association’s Bylaws for purposes of updating and revision as necessary.  It shall be the duty of this committee to periodically review the By-laws of the Association as to their practicality and application.  The committee should also review the needs of the Association for amending or adding to the By-laws.  Recommendations can be considered by the committee through mailings, a meeting or conference call.  The Chairperson shall report the committee ‘ s findings to the Board of Officers.  This Committee will consist of two (2) members appointed by the President for a three (3) year term, in addition to the immediate two (2) past Presidents, who will serve (2) year terms.  No member shall serve more than two (2) full three (3) year terms.
An extensive review of the By-laws should take place every five (5) years beginning in 2007.

Committee Member Duties:

  • Research and review the Bylaws to identify potential areas that may need to be amended;
  • Review and study member suggestions before making recommendations to the Board;
  • Review materials as directed by the Committee Chairperson;
  • Submit findings to the Committee Chairperson;
  • Collaborate to make recommendations for the Chairperson to present to the Board of Officers.

Committee Chairperson Duties:

  • All duties of a committee member;
  • Serves as information resource for committee members;
  • Initiates discussion with the committee members regarding issues under review;
  • Distribute information to committee members;
  • Calls committee meetings as necessary;
  • Prepare a draft of all recommendations and submit to the Board of Officers.



The Legislative Committee shall assimilate information from the membership regarding suggested legislative changes and provide that information to the proper sources for subsequent presentation to legislative authorities.  It shall be the duty of the Legislative Committee to advise the membership of proposed legislation, Attorney General Opinions, and/or any other source of information which might affect the operation of district and city courts.  Members of the Committee may be required to attend legislative meetings during Legislative Sessions.  The Legislative Committee shall work with the Administrative Office of the Courts to properly notify district and city courts of changes and new legislation passed during a Legislative Session.  The committee members shall serve a two (2) year term.



It is a goal of the Association to encourage all active members to participate in the governance of the Association through elective office or serving on a committee.  This Committee was created to prepare a slate for the Board of Officers prior to each Annual Conference and to make recommendations to the Association President of members to serve on committees.  The Committee shall solicit input from the membership regarding individuals to serve in leadership positions.  The Committee shall solicit input from membership regarding potential leaders, assess member’s interest in serving in leadership positions and assure that those nominated or voicing interest in serving are qualified to serve (active member in good standing).  The Nominating Committee must obtain consent from each potential nominee before preparing the slate of nominations.  The Committee Chairperson will be responsible for submitting the slate of officers to the Administrative Office of the Courts and to the webmaster for proper posting.  The Committee Chairperson shall prepare and submit a proposed slate to the Administrative Office of the Courts at least sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting.  The proposed slate will be included in the Annual Conference registration packet to allow circulation of the Committee’s nominations to all members of the Association prior to the election.  Members of this Committee will be appointed by the President to serve a one (1) year term.



The Audit Committee shall perform a compliance review of all financial records of the Association.  The current Association Treasurer shall submit the records (Treasurer’s Reports, bank statements and account ledger) to the Audit Committee for the annual audit.  The audit shall include balancing/reconciling the bank account and a review of the Association Account Ledger with a report of their findings to the Association President.  The audit should be done on the last day of the Annual Conference.  This committee will consist of the past Treasurer, three (3) past Presidents, one (1) At-Large Representatives, and the out-going President.  The Committee Chairperson will be the past Treasurer, who will need to notify committee members and the current Treasurer of the time and location that the audit will take place.  The Committee Chairperson will also be responsible for preparing and submitting an audit report to the Association President.



The Clerk of the Year Committee shall solicit nominations of Association members (chief clerks and deputy clerks) to honor their outstanding contributions.  All nominations that accompany a letter from the nominator will be considered by the Committee.  The “Clerk of the Year” will be selected according to the requirements and point system set out in the Association Bylaws.  The committee will consist of three (3) appointments made by the President to serve three (3) year terms, as well as the immediate past two (2) “Clerk of the Year” recipients, who will serve two (2) year terms.



This Committee shall attend APERS meetings as a representative of the Clerk’s Association to assimilate information that may affect the retirement benefits for district court clerks.  The Committee Chair shall provide the assimilated information to the Association President for subsequent presentation to the members of the Association.



Annual Conference Committee

The Annual Conference Committee shall be responsible for organizing and executing the duties required of the Clerk’s Association during the annual conference and awards luncheon. The 1st Vice President shall serve as the committee chair. The committee will consist of a total of four (4) members, selected by the Association President to serve a two (2) year term.

The committee chair will work with the Association President to prepare an agenda and assign duties to the committee members. The following activities should be taken into consideration:

  • Annual Newsletter
  • Announcements to be made to the Association
  • Assist President with Business Meeting (handouts, etc)
  • Door Prizes
  • Gifts (AOC staff, President, Clerk of Year, Appreciation, etc.)
  • Disbursement of Association Gifts (bags, notepads, pins, etc.)
  • Assist President during the awards luncheon

Annual Newsletter: Several months prior to the annual conference, solicit information from other courts, AOC and other committees to include in the annual newsletter. All information should be forwarded to the Association Secretariat for publication in the newsletter.

Announcements to be made to the Association: Solicit information from the Executive Board for information that may need to be presented to the Association during the business meeting.

Assist President with Business Meeting: Perform duties at the request of the Association President to assist with the business meeting. Ensure that copies of handouts have been made prior to the conference and distribute accordingly.

Door Prizes: Determine how many and when to give out door prizes. Check with the Association Treasurer to determine the budget for these purchases. Purchase and wrap gifts to bring to the conference. Assign a person to conduct the drawings. Winners must be present to win or another name is drawn. A few days prior to the meeting, contact the Administrative Office of the Courts to request a copy of the registration listing.  Cut out each name on the list to be entered into the drawing for door prizes.

Gifts: The committee chair will need to contact the Association President to determine the appropriate persons to receive a gift. The President has a budget guideline to assist with the purchase of these gifts. Gifts need to be brought to the annual conference wrapped. Help the Association President deliver gifts during the awards luncheon.

Awards Luncheon: Assist the Association President with delegated tasks during the awards ceremony. Organize the gift table and hand gifts to the President as he/she is giving them to the recipient.

Clerk of the Year: Purchase gifts for the Clerk of the Year. Make sure that the outgoing clerk of the year has the gifts and a presentation prepared for the incoming clerk of the year. In 2007, the Association began giving the clerk of the year an Arkansas Quarter Pendant & Necklace (Kay Palmer will pick this up, since they are made in Hot Springs), a plaque (the plaque will be handled by the Administrative Office of the Courts- payment and all) and a monetary gift. The President has a budget guideline to assist with the clerk of the year gifts.

Presidential Gift: Purchase a gift of appreciation for the current Association President to award the time and effort that he/she has put into the Association.  Outgoing Presidents are also presented with a plaque (the plaque will be handled by the Administrative Office of the Courts- payment and all).