BUSINESS MEETING – Thursday April 23, 2015


Call to order

President – Stacy Huber

Door prizes awarded to those registered for business meeting – Robin Teague won $25.00 Gift Certificate.

Minutes were accepted as presented from prior business meeting – Motion to accept was made by Shannon Howard. Motion to second was made by Sandy Button. Minutes were accepted as presented without being read.

Treasurers Report was presented by President Staci Huber with a follow up from Treasurer Marie Johnson. Motion to accept was made by Rose Tedford. Motion to second was made by Angela Daniels. Treasures report was accepted as presented.

Old Business – No old business was noted to discuss.

Amendment to By Laws – Clerk of the year requirements. Motion was made to remove the sentence that requires all past recipients to vote for clerk of the year, due to many of them no longer belonging to the Association.  A concern was expressed by a member regarding the point system and how the clerk of the year is selected.  Sandy Button stated that the point system has been in the By Laws for years. The concern expressed was that some clerks are not able to attend the meetings or be involved in the Association and that they will never have an opportunity to receive clerk of the year.  After discussion a motion to accept the amendment was made by Marie Johnson and seconded by Cheri Mitch.

Discussion was made on the following:

AOC will be changing the districts who are scheduled to attend the November and February meetings in 2016.  Currently the 1st and 3rd districts meet in November and the 2nd and 4th districts meet in February.  Beginning in 2016, the 1st and 2nd districts will meet in February and the 3rd and 4th districts will meet in November.

It was discussed that we should consider allowing Vendors to return to the meetings. This was discussed with Marty Sullivan and Dena Ross stated Judges did not like Vendors being at our meeting and it could be considered as a conflict.  However, the vendors could be allowed to attend the hospitality suite, which is generally the night before the conference.  It was decided that the Association will explore the opportunity to see what is available in the future.  It was also discussed that the vendors may be able to help with the expense of the hospitality suite and that it could be open for a longer period of time.  The AOC will set out a guideline/boundaries for the vendors to follow prior to implementation.

Annual Meeting – How much is the total cost for our Annual Meeting and how much is reimbursed from AO C?  This issue is to be discussed in more detail with Marty Sullivan to establish how much AOC will be able to reimburse the Association for each annual meeting.

Meeting in 2016 – It was announced that the 2016 annual meeting will be held in Rogers.

Proposed Budget – The membership was advised that there was an excess in the budget due to the fact that clerk gifts are only being purchased every other year.  Clerk gifts wil not be purchased in 2016, therefore the budget was reduced by $4,500.  This amount will be added back to the budget for 2017.  Dena Ross made a motion to increase the annual budget by $1,000.00 to give our Secretariat Kay Palmer a raise. She has been doing this job for us for (6) six years and has never received an increase in salary. Dena Ross made motion to amend the proposed budget, Beth Lowman seconded the motion. Proposed Budget was approved including the $1,000.00 for an increase in pay to the Association Secretariat, Kay Palmer.

Dena Ross made motion to adjourn. Rachel Sims seconded motion.

Meeting was adjourned by President Stacy Huber.

Roger Smith our lobbyist spoke about his role and the session at the Capital this year.  He made us aware of the fact it is important in the future we focus and think of Legislation that will effect us. He will need an agenda from us in advance before meeting with the Legislation.





President Staci Huber Clark County – Arkadelphia Dept.
First Vice President Rachel Sims Sebastian County – Fort Smith Dept.
Second Vice President Jennifer Lopez-Jones Benton County – Bentonville Dept.
Treasurer Marie Johnson Crawford County – Mulberry Dept.
Secretary Diane Ivy Poinsett County – Lepanto Dept.
Historian Kami Soileau Crittenden County – Marion Dept.
Parliamentarian Dena Ross Polk County – Mena Dept.
First District Rep. Cynthia McCoy Arkansas County – Stuttgart Dept.
Second District Rep. Kathy Davis Pulaski County – NLR – 2nd Div.
Third District Rep. Veronica Henry Sebastian County – Fort Smith Dept.
Fourth District Rep. Kiko Bivens Drew County – Monticello Dept.
At-Large Rep. (1st & 3rd) Lyn Archambeau Arkansas County – Dewitt Dept.
At-Large Rep. (2nd & 4th) Beth Thomas Faulkner County – Conway Dept.


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