On November 19, 1988, the Arkansas District Court Clerks Association elected to begin a certification program, with assistance from the Arkansas District Judges Council and the Administrative Office of the Courts.

A minimum of three (3) educational seminars in addition to the annual conference will be provided each year. A seminar is held in February for members in the 2nd & 4th districts and a seminar in November for members in the 1st & 3rd districts. A seminar is held in August for Chief Clerks only. The annual convention is held in April.


  • Complete a minimum of three full calendar years (January 1 through December 31) as a Chief Clerk or Deputy Clerk in a district court by the time of certification.
  • Complete a minimum of thirty (30) hours of training by attending creditable educational seminars, which may include:
  • Financial and accounting responsibilities of the clerk; filing and docketing responsibilities of the clerk; or
  • Office and courtroom management and behavior; or
  • Substantive law update – civil and criminal.
  • Complete a new clerks orientation.
  • Be a current member of the Arkansas District Court Clerks Association for three concurrent years while awaiting certification. Membership in the Association is achieved by paying annual dues to the Association Secretariat. The deadline for paying dues each year is March 1st. You may not back pay dues in order to obtain certification. Certification hours will not be calculated on non-members.

• Maintain certification by completing a minimum of eighteen (18) hours of training every three years after original certification.


  • Absences of up to a one year duration will be acceptable during the three year requirement.
  • Each clerk must complete an attendance form for each program.
  • The deadline for completion of certification requirements, both employment and education hours, shall be December 31 of each calendar year.
  • Certifications will be given by the Arkansas District Court Clerks Association, signed by the Governor of Arkansas, Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, President of the Judges Council and President of the District Court Clerks Association.
  • Once a member has become certified, the certification will remain in a valid status as long as the certified clerk earns at least one (1) 18 hour update every three (3) years.
  • If a certified clerk leaves and is later rehired, the member must earn at least one (1) 18 hour update within a three (3) year period from the date of rehire to maintain his/her certification.
  • If an uncertified member leaves the court and is gone for less than one (1) year, the member may retain all previously completed requirements for certification.
  • If an uncertified member leaves the court and is gone for longer than one (1) year, the member must start the requirements for certification over.