Current Business

  • Association Software Update

    4L Consulting Group has been working on a new membership database for the Association. The database is ready for testing and a trial run. It is anticipated that the program will be up and running in 2015.

    The new database will be accessible to members only through a secure link on the Association’s website. Clerk information will be editable, meaning that each member will have the capability of keeping their own contact information up to date (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.). Each member account will show the actual class titles and number of hours that has been earned. The features of this new database will give us the ability to keep better track of our membership.

    The Board is looking forward to introducing the new database to you after it has been reviewed and tested. As it is introduced, we will also provide instructions on how to get a user name and password to access the data base. This has been an on-going process over the past several years, so thank you for your patience as we progress through this project.

  • The Association and the Administrative Office of the Courts is forming a training program to teach and train court staff to become instructors or facilitators for upcoming educational programs. We are hoping to get 20 or 25 volunteers to participate in this training program of “training the trainers”. Chief and deputy clerks are welcome to be trained as long as they are willing to teach and conduct educational sessions at our conferences. This program will allow us to have a pool of trainers to teach specific topics at our conferences, so that that we provide education geared toward our daily duties and responsibilities. Some clerks have been trained and began facilitating programs at the 2013 annual conference.

  • Mentoring Program

    The Board has discussed creating a mentoring program to broaden the network among district court clerks statewide. This program will be an extension of the training program mentioned above. The same trainers will be used as experts in their field to help clerks problem solve in the areas in which they have been trained. A mentoring class was offered at the 2013 annual conference. Since that time, the Assocaition President, Staci Huber, has paired seasoned clerks with new clerks for several different courts. This program is still in the implementation phase with plans to increase participation.

  • 2015 Annual Meeting

    At the 2015 Annual Meeting, President Staci Huber, announced that the AOC is considering letting vendors participate in the hospitality suite, but not during the annual conference. Vendors would only be allowed to set up or be present the evening prior to the annual conference.  Several ideas were discussed regarding how this could work.  The hospitality suite could open up earlier so that the vendors could set up and the vendors may be able to help with the expense of the hospitality suite.  This issue is to be discussed in more detail.

  • A member voiced a concern regarding the point system for clerk of the year recipients. It is deemed to be unfair that the clerks that are not able to attend meetings or become involved with the Association are not able to earn enough points to be awarded clerk of the year.  It was explained that the award is given by the Association and that the highest points are given to clerks who have voluntarily been active with the Association’s Board and committee work.  The concern is that clerks may help out their neighboring courts and not get credit for doing so.  This matter may future discussion.